Resident Communications.

Stay connected with caregivers, staff, family and friends all from a single app that works on your mobile device. This is an easy to use application that lets you see all of your connections in one place. With a secure interface and large-type options, your ability to stay connected with loved ones, staff and caregivers is easier than ever.

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Family & Resident Communciations.

Easily stay in touch with family and friends using a single application. With support for calls, messages and video calls, you can stay in touch even when travel and visitation are not viable options. Easy access to call and message history means you can pick up where you left off with family members quickly. This same interface keeps you in the loop with community-wide messaging. Stay in-the-know especially during times of concern.

SOS Communications.

Customizable SOS controls for residents enable precision alerting to the community staff and caregivers, with your location data included. Family members can quickly and easily be included in emergency alerts, all at the discretion of the resident. SOS alerts can be delivered from wherever the resident is, inside or outside of the community. Stay connected to your community even when you are away from home.

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