Senior Living Communications.

NOTIFY Communications is a video, text and voice app that provides essential communications capabilities, enabling residents to connect with their natural support and their healthcare providers to maintain connection to each other and to support health outcomes even when strains on our healthcare system cause communication breakdowns.

Caregivers & Communities

Rapid response for alerts, right from your mobile device. With full integration to your EHR platform, alerts and communications are automatically logged to help reduce paperwork.

senior communications app - hipaa compliant

Senior Housing Residents

An easy-to-use app to communicate with caregivers, doctors, and family. You control who gets alerted, full management of emergency contacts and communication history.

family communications senior living mobile device

Families and Loved Ones

Stay in touch with loved ones and stay in the loop on their care. In times of isolation, it’s never been easier to connect with your family members and their caregivers.

Caregiver & Resident Communciations.

Save time and connect to residents directly and remotely with secure communications that are HIPAA compliant, including community-wide communication options. With several communication channels to suit your preferences and needs, it’s never been easier to connect with patients and residents from your laptop or mobile device, without having to enter resident rooms. With integrated access to prior communications, resident summaries and consultation history, you’ll be up to speed quickly and helping residents with their needs.

SOS Communications.

Customizable SOS controls for residents enable precision alerting to the community staff and caregivers with location data included. Family members can quickly and easily be included in emergency alerts, all at the discretion of the resident. SOS alerts can be delivered from wherever the resident is, inside or outside of the community.

SOS Message Sent - Senior Housing

For Community Leadership.

NOTIFY provides elegant and informative data reporting features for community leadership. Community and network-centric deployment capabilities. We support community-wide messaging and alerts for everyone in the building. Manage staff, caregivers and residents with an easy to use administrative interface. Easily ensure caregivers are using the platform in a consistent manner, full data monitoring and data analysis capabilities included.

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