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Welcome to NOTIFY Communications. Here you will find a number of useful resources that will help further explain and demonstrate NOTIFY Communications’ capabilities. And please feel free to contact us to learn more or to schedule a demo. We know that you will find NOTIFY Communications as powerful and effective as we do.

Notify Communications Overview

Community-Wide Messaging:

NOTIFY Communications: The All-in-One App

Connecting families & residents:

An Instant Return on your Investment:

Nurture your waiting list with NOTIFY Communications

How NOTIFY supports executive directors

Caregiver to resident communications:

Improving caregiver to caregiver communications:


These sell sheets go into further detail about how NOTIFY Communications helps communities with specific needs.

NOTIFY Communications: The All-in-One App

An Instant ROI

Families & Residents



NOTIFY Communications provides leadership with robust reporting and actionable insights into their communities. Click here and here to download some examples.


Our sales deck is a polished, yet comprehensive, look at all of NOTIFY Communications’ features and how they are useful for all participants in the larger senior living space.