Resident Benefits.

Residents in Senior Housing Communities experience a stronger sense of comfort and peace of mind when they know their calls for assistance are met with an efficient and timely response. NOTIFY Nurse Call helps communities provide that experience to residents and their families with ease, while at the same time, providing a clear record of response logging.

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Care Planning.

Ensuring comprehensive resident care documentation is essential for effective resident-centered care planning. With full integration to the EHR platform, residents and families gain greater insights into the real incidents, responses, and resulting care outcomes.

SOS Communications.

Also available, the NOTIFY Communications platform allows for customizable SOS controls for residents using the app, enabling them to send an urgent request for assistance, alerting the community staff and caregivers to a need for help and the precise geographic location of the SOS. Family members can quickly and easily be included in SOS alerts, all at the discretion of the resident. SOS alerts can be delivered from wherever the resident is, inside or outside of the community, remaining connected even when away from home.

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