Caregiver Benefits.

Respond quickly, provide excellent care, and stay safe. Receive and respond to nurse call alerts from wherever you are, including alarm resets without entering resident rooms. Now, more than ever, caregivers are asked to respond to a greater quantity of resident needs and requests. With the right integrated solution in place, you can be more efficient with your time without compromising attention to residents’ needs.

Nurse Call Alert Queue

Team Coordination.

Alerts provide great visibility and coordination potential for your staff. With integrated security, wander management and general nurse call alerts all visible to the same teams on the same application, ensuring visibility and responses are easier than ever before to manage efficiently and timely.

Emergency Alert Communications.

Precision alerting for the community staff and caregivers. Your team can quickly respond to and support residents wherever they are as well as reset alarms without having to enter resident rooms. With integration to EHR and billing modules, all alerts and the response / timeframe are automatically logged and available for review with both residents and families, assuring accountability.

Nurse Call Alert Response by Employee

For Administrators.

Robust management and administrative reporting enable your team to optimize staffing and response to critical issues that occur in your communities. With integrated security, wander management, and nurse call alerts, your operations staff gain clear insight into usage patterns to drive improved staffing responses and better communication with residents and families for issues and concerns.

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