Mobile Nurse Call.

NOTIFY Nurse Call is a next generation mobile nurse call solution that allows your caregivers to receive and respond to alerts from wherever they are in the building. Give your staff the tools they need to provide optimal care—and give your senior community the real-time data needed to staff appropriately, assess performance and improve accountability. Utilizing world-renowned, non-proprietary Inovonics technology, NOTIFY is a complete wireless alert system solution that provides real-time communication across the full spectrum of your operation.

Caregivers & Communities

Rapid response for alerts, right from your mobile device. With full integration to your EHR platform, alerts and resolutions are automatically logged to help reduce paperwork and increase accountability.

senior communications app - hipaa compliant

Senior Housing Residents

An easy-to-use app to communicate with caregivers, doctors, and family. Pendants, pull-cords and traditional methods of notification and alert are all part of the solution.

family communications senior living mobile device

Families and Loved Ones

Gain better insight into the care and needs of your family members in Senior Housing Communities. NOTIFY Nurse Call provides comprehensive detail of calls and resolutions, and, peace of mind.


Streamline Operations, Reduce Costs and More

Unlike the traditional emergency call systems assisted living facilities once used, NOTIFY provides real-time data, extensive communication tools and accountability in one small package. Our next-generation software offers a host of unique features and benefits to enhance security, streamline processes and reduce costs, including:
  • Audible mobile medical alerts—even when the device is locked
  • Private and group text messaging
  • Available push-to-talk voice functionality
  • Robust reporting and cloud backup
  • Status reports of alerts within each caregiver’s zone
  • Real-time performance data on individuals, departments and facilities
notify full communications benefits

Nurse Call & Resident Safety.

Peace of mind for residents and families

  • Interactive alert delivery and response
  • Detailed event data
  • Advanced resident locating
  • Maintenance reports

Wander Management.

Safety with the freedom to move

  • Roam alert
  • AccuTech wander management
  • Resident ID interface
  • Door / exit monitoring
  • Sensor monitoring and alerts
  • Geolocation
Wander Management Alerts from Notify
Security Motion Detection by Notify

Community Security.

On-site protection you can trust

  • Camera systems
  • Intrusion doors monitoring
  • Motion Detection
  • Magnetic locks management
  • CCTV monitoring


Connecting caregivers, residents, & families

  • WiFi network install
  • Text messaging between caregivers
  • Group messaging
  • Community-wide messaging
  • Video communications
  • Voice communications

Software Features.

  • Audible pages, even when device is locked
  • Private and group text messaging, plus voice
  • Robust reporting and cloud backup
  • All caregiver page statuses available at a glance
  • Individual caregiver and whole facility assessment
  • Resident-to-caregiver communication
  • WiFi enabled across systems
  • Now available as Software as a Service (SaaS)

Hardware Features.

  • Resident pendant with locator
  • Pull cord and push button stations
  • Door and window security monitoring
  • Bed/chair sensors (Fall detection)
  • Resident check-in and rounds verification
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Smoke detection
  • WiFi infrastructure
Notify Nurse Call Hardware

“NOTIFY has taken our facility into the 21st century and has truly made life very simple for our staff and residents. The implementation of NOTIFY has ensured continuity of care, faster response time and overall better communication between staff and resident.”

Teresa, Administrator, Fox Ridge Assisted Living

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